You may use a caterer of your choice or bring your own homemade food. You or your caterer must provide all personnel, equipment, and rentals.

Liability insurance is required for all events. You must provide a certificate of insurance by (a) an extension of your homeowner's policy; (b) your business liability policy; or (c) purchasing a special event policy. The insurance requirements for Alpine Ponds Event Center are $1M liability coverage $1M aggregate. You must provide this certificate 10 days prior to the date of your event. As this is an outdoor event center, there are certain aspects of an outdoor experience that pose potential tripping hazards, water hazards, etc. Alpine Ponds Event Center shall not be held liable for any injuries incurred by any of your guests on the date of your event. The easiest way to get your liability insurance is to go to Google, and search for "Special Event Insurance". There will be many results. Most of them will work for our requirements. One of them that is very easy to use is TheEventHelper.com. This basic process asks you how many guests you have, and if there is alcohol present. The whole insurance cost shouldn't be more than $150 and if it is, we would suggest getting a quote through another website. Please contact us if you have any questions on this process.

-Alcohol may be consumed at your event only when served by licensed and insured alcohol vendors. APEC will provide a list of preferred mobile alcohol vendors that are approved for your event.
-You may also purchase an alcohol rider on your special event insurance which will allow you to bring your own alcohol so long as you do not sell it to your guests. Some refer to this option as an "alcohol potluck". If you have any questions about this option, please contact us.
-It is your responsibility to ensure that your guest's behavior adheres to laws and Event Center policies. Any behavior reported to APEC that is destructive or violent in nature due to the overconsumption of alcohol will be subject to the early termination of your event and subject to any other applicable laws violated.

Decorations must be free-standing. Bird seed, rice, glitter, confetti, fresh flower petals and sparklers are not allowed. Fake flower petals and bubbles are permitted. All candles must be enclosed in hurricane holders. In essence, you cannot decorate with any decorations that cannot be cleaned up. You are responsible for taking down anything that you put up. If you have a decorator decorate, they are in charge of taking it down unless arrangements have been made with us ahead of time. We are not responsible for any items that you or your guests leave on the premises the night of the event. Please ensure all you and your guest's belongings are removed from the event center the night of your event.

You are responsible for arranging all licenses, legal contracts and obligations, as well as the services of an appropriate celebrant (priest, minister, rabbi, bishop, local judge, etc.), as required by Idaho law and policies of your denomination. We can provide names of several local officiants who are willing and able to conduct weddings.

Smoking is allowed at APEC in designated areas only.

You and your guests may use the entire gravel parking lot behind Zamzows during your special event. You and your guests are not allowed to utilize the paved Zamzows parking lot for event parking on the day of your event.

No animals or pets are allowed on the grounds. Exceptions require written approval from APEC.

You are required to use our professional DJ services for your event. This includes both the ceremony and reception music, professional sound systems, microphones and dance lighting for up to 4 hours of time. We unfortuantely do not allow bands or our clients to bring their own amplified sound. In consideration of the Ada County Sound Ordinance, all music must be turned off 9:55pm on the date of your event so it is completely off by 10pm. Violation of this policy can result in the Ada County Sheriff's Department showing up at your special event. Although you are able to be on the premises cleaning up until 12am, you must ensure your guests remain respectful of the sound ordance and refrain from screaming or unnecessary cheering. We ensure that with our DJ services you won't have to worry about a nose violation or disturbance. Our goal is to keep our neighborhood happy and non-disturbed during the entirety of your event. Your and your guests' cooperation is imperative for this to work. Please let us know if you have any questions about this policy. 

Should you elect to hire one of the Alpine Ponds Event Representatives as your personal Wedding Coordinator, you are contracting to their services as explained. Once their services have been enlisted, if they are cancelled at some time before the wedding, a pro-rated amount of the planning addon fee will be refunded. If the planning services are cancelled within 30 days of the event date, no refund will be given for services rendered. By signing below, you confirm that this is understood.

You will have exclusive access to Alpine Ponds Event Center along with the dirt parking lot and all of the property occupied by APEC. The private drive along the East of the property must not be used by you or any of your guests. The paved parking lot in front of the Zamzows store cannot be used for your event parking. As this is a private event center, you are not allowed to "tour" other events going on throughout the season to inspect other setups, decorations, etc. Reserving the fact that this is a private event center and each event has exclusive and private access for the entire day, please respect this privacy. If you should want to view other possible setups and decorations, please visit our website and view our constantly updating event photos which will be updated each week after the weekend events.

All childcare is the responsibility of the user. Children and youth must have designated supervision at all times. User must ensure that children and youth comply with all details of the Event Center's Policies & Procedures. Guests are prohibited from running through the planting beds, climbing trees, wading in the fountains or ponds, fishing, or throwing objects into the water features.


-Your rental items will be setup by our professional staff according to your preference and our recommendations. We will coordinate with you prior to the event to ensure we understand your desired setup locations. Although every effort will be made to accommodate your rental item locations, we reserve the right to relocate such items in different locations as per our judgement on a per event basis. We in no way guarantee the table, chair, tent, etc., setup locations will be exactly as represented in our map drawings. Client understands these are approximations only used to help facilitate the setup communication process. We will also take down all tables, chairs, linens, tents, etc. after your event is over. Once your event concludes the APEC area must be returned to original condition which includes picking up trash, decor and other personal items. You may arrive anytime after 9am on the day of your event to begin setup and decoration.
-Garbage must be placed in provided trash bags. We will place them in the dumpster on premises for you. If trash is not disposed of in the provided trash bags and trash cans, you will be charged a $25 an hour cleaning will be deducted from your damage deposit. You must make arrangements for the removal of all recyclable containers. Ice can be dumped in gravel areas, not on the grass or planting beds.
-Events must stop no later than 9:55pm to allow time for clean-up. You and your guests may stay until 12am to round up your items from the grounds and park area prior to departure. Grounds will be inspected by APEC personnel the day following your event to insure policies were all in adherence. Failure to vacate the facilities on time or complete the Clean-up as described will result in additional charges. As some of your guests may not be able to drive their vehicles home the night of your event due to alcohol, they are allowed to leave their cars in the Alpine Ponds parking area only. They cannot leave their cars in the Zamzows parking lot overnight. If there are vehicles from your event that are left overnight, they need to be picked up and removed before noon the following day to allow space for the upcoming event or they will be towed at owner's expense.

Rental items such as linens, and glassware are NOT covered against breakage or damage and will be charged as replacement in full. If linens are damaged beyond repair or stained beyond repair with items such as wax, grease, oil, makeup, food dyes, glitter, glue. One requirement we do enforce is that if you are to rent rental items such as tables, chairs, tents, etc., that they be done through our sister company, Idaho Tents and Lighting and not another rental company. The only time we will allow another rental company to provide rental services is in cases due to unavailability of requested items.


-A $750 booking fee is due when you sign and submit your Event Contract and is non-refundable unless we are able to re-book your date. The balance is due 10 days prior to the event. The base price of your event will increase by $5 a person for any groups of 100 or more with a maximum capacity of 200. The final guest count will be determined prior to the event date. Any unpaid balances 30 days after your event date, will incur an late fee of $50 per month until it is paid in full. Should there be damages to the property, structures or fixtures, you will be billed as listed below. missing trash can ($25), broken solar light ($5 per light), broken floor boards on gazebo or bridge ($50), rose petals in small fountains ($25 per hour of cleanup), parking lot debris and trash ($25 per hour of cleanup), damages to the interior of the restroom trailer will be assessed individually depending on extent of damage. There will also be a $25 per hour light replacement charge on top of the light replacement costs. Any other potential damage charges will be accessed at the end of your event and will be billed accordingly.


Cancellations can only be made by mailing a signed letter to Alpine Ponds Event Center at 1625 S. Curtis Road, Boise, ID. 83707. The initial half of the user fee (retainer fee) is non-refundable regardless of when your event is cancelled unless we are able to re-book your event date. If you cancel more than 6 months before your event date you will lose your retainer fee unless we are able to re-book your event date. If you cancel 3 to 6 months before your event date you will be responsible for 75% of your base venue rental fee unless we are able to re-book your event date. If you cancel less than 3 months before your event date, you will be responsible for 100% of the base venue rental fee unless we are able to re-book your event date. Your base venue rental fee is determined by the day of week on which your event date falls, and your estimated group size.

A postponement is treated as a cancellation except that the fees can be transferred to a future date within 1 year of the original booking. In order to postpone an event date, we must also receive a signed letter of postponement indicating the new event date mailed to Alpine Ponds Event Center at 1625 S Curtis Rd Boise Id 83705. Your retainer fee as well as any other payments made will be transferred to the new event date without any additional fees. If your event is postponed to another date, it will be treated as a cancellation and 100% of the reservation fee will be due before the new event date and is deemed completely non-refundable. APEC is not responsible and will not be held liable for any weather related cancellations. Should such weather force the cancellation of your event, you will not receive a refund of any of your event payments. Also, we will not be held liable for any damages incurred to your property due to bad weather or your failure to take advantage of our tenting and weatherproofing options. You may not postpone your event with less than 30 days before the originally scheduled date. Such postponement request is treated as a cancellation.

While we make every effort to ensure the landscaping always looks it's very best, we are not responsible for environmental elements, conditions or circumstances beyond our control which may have an effect on the condition and appearance of the grass, pond, and landscapes.

We reserve the right to refuse service or property access to any person or persons including vendors at our own discretion. Alpine Ponds Event Center will not be held liable for any financial losses (such as lost deposits) due to such refusals on part of the client or vendor. Situations which would merit a refusal include but are not limited to unethical business practices, unprofessional behavior or treatment, or unruly behavior. We reserve the right to ask anyone at our own discretion to vacate the premises should we deem it necessary.

You must designate a representative authorized to act on your behalf. This representative shall be present at all times during the event and respectfully coordinate all matters with our staff.

Please inform everyone making deliveries, setting-up or catering for your event of these Policies and Procedures. You are responsible for their behavior.

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